Productivity. Retention. Duty of care.

Sonder for your organisation

Sonder helps ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees, clients, students and anyone else subject to an organisational duty of care.

We partner with organisations and education providers across Australia who share our desire to help keep people safe and confident, wherever they are.

Education Institutions and Providers

We partner with official security departments at some of Australia’s top universities and education providers to help deliver duty of care requirements.

Sonder’s 24/7 in-person rapid response network ensures the highest level of safety and wellbeing support for students and staff, both on and off-campus.

Education Agents

Education agents are key experts who advise parents and international students about the best study choices in Australia.

We work with leading education agents to support international students once they arrive in Australia, so they can settle in smoothly, pursue life with confidence and succeed in their studies.


Employees are spending more time on the move and working out of the office, which exposes them to risks beyond the control of their employer.

Sonder’s network of rapid response specialists are highly skilled at navigating complex and threatening situations. Employers can be confident that wherever their people are, they can get help at a moment’s notice.

Supporting your organisation

Contact us today and our team will work with you to create a bespoke support solution that best meets your organisation’s safety needs.