How it works

How Sonder can work for you

With the world at your feet, Sonder Essentials is at your fingertips, providing a rapid local response when you need it and confidence when you don’t.


Something’s up, but you’re not quite sure what it is. Your needs are our first priority – even if you’re not sure what those needs are when you contact us. We are virtually by your side, offering you peace of mind when you need it.


Whether you’re facing a language barrier or broader personal event, you may find yourself in a complex or confronting situation which you’re unsure how to navigate. We’re here to guide, resolve, alleviate depending on what you need.

Lost or stranded

Whether you’ve lost your passport and wallet, your child’s wandered off in a crowd, or you’ve missed a flight in a foreign country, we’re the experts at stepping in when you’re lost or stranded.

Ill or injured

From a sudden allergic reaction or accident to a serious incident or natural disaster, we take control of those rare events when you need someone with a clear head to take action and make decisions in your best interests.

Sonder Essentials is for everyone

Whether you’re young or retired, local or travelling, single or with a family, simply register for as little as $1 per day so you can pursue life with confidence.