For individuals

COVID-19 Family Support Program

24/7 access to people with the experience and training to support your entire family

In the coming weeks and months, in-person contact with family and friends may be minimal. Your friends and family may struggle with feelings of isolation and loneliness. With Sonder, they may be isolated, but they’re not alone.

Sonder’s family support program gives individuals priority access to personnel with emergency service experience at any time of the day or week.


Family Support Program

Live with peace of mind knowing your friends and family are being cared for. Sonder’s highly qualified team provides personal safety and wellbeing support, every minute of every day.

  • 24/7 access to our Mental Health First Aid trained team, who can provide welfare checks or advice around health and safety concerns such as COVID-19
  • Safety notices sent from our app1, alerting members to nearby public safety issues such as extreme weather events or dangerous situations
  • Access to in-person support from personnel with emergency service experience2 at all times of day or night, to assist with crisis situations or to supply essential items

The family support program is priced per person.

1 iOS or Android smartphone required.
2 Our responder network covers capital cities plus several highly populated areas across Australia and New Zealand. If your location is outside our reach, we’ll work with local authorities to get you the in-person assistance you need.
For more information, refer to our FAQ: Can anyone access Sonder?

I am really grateful for the daily phone call which I don't expect to receive from anyone else.

- Junyuan, VIC

Cannot possibly survive the past 14 days without Sonder. Extremely helpful, wouldn't know how I can possibly get the essential supplies and book a doctor appointment. 5 star service.

- Meiyao, VIC

As a newcomer, would't know what to do without Sonder. Would have no vegetables to eat, no groceries.

- Rui Jing, VIC

Sonder provides mental health support as well as physical support such as helping me get food supplies.

- Zhengming, VIC

It helped me feel less stressed.

- Yiqi, VIC

I really appreciated that someone called me, showed care and great empathy. People at Sonder are very nice, they care about you.

- Yang, QLD

As a 23-year-old female traveller, I have felt vulnerable and anxious. Knowing I have Sonder makes me feel much safer.

- Luci, NSW

Supporting you and your loved ones in Australia and New Zealand.
Isolated but not alone.

  • App

  • Support every minute of the day

    Dedicated technology that gives you and your loved ones on-demand access to support, advice or help every minute of the day. A single source of truth for up to date information around COVID-19.

  • Support Centre

  • Human help in an instant

    Immediate access to our support centre staffed with people with specialist emergency response and mental first aid training. Outbound welfare check calls to members with COVID-19 diagnosis or in self-isolation.

  • Liaison Officers

  • By your side in minutes

    In-person responders with emergency services experience that can provide emotional support, escalation pathways to other support services and, in certain cases, “re-supply” support for essentials.

  • Supporting you and your loved ones

Supporting you and your loved ones

Supporting individuals

  • In distress

    Psychological strain and in immediate need of help.

  • In harm’s way

    In danger of physical harm, natural disaster or in risky situations.

  • Out of your element

    Ambiguous situations where you simply don’t know what to do.

  • Out of reach

    In unfamiliar and less visible settings and places.

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