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COVID-19 Student Support Program

24/7 access to people with the experience and training to support your students.

In the coming weeks and months, students may find it difficult to talk to trained professionals who can discuss their individual circumstances and provide advice or support.

Sonder’s COVID-19 Student Support Program gives students priority access to personnel with emergency service experience at any time of the day or week. Support is multilingual, 24-7 and available over the phone and in-person.


Sonder solution

  • Pre-arrival


  • Misinformation
  • Dynamic direction from authorities
  • Heightened anxiety of the virus
  • Result – Anxiety, stress & fear

Sonder solution

  • Information Point of Truth – email, in-app messages, blog, social
  • Regular updates. Preventive health information
  • Clear call to action – Sonder and referral pathways
  • In isolation


  • Social isolation
  • Concern for family back home
  • Falling behind in studies
  • Result – Anxiety, stress & fear

Sonder solution

  • As above
  • Peer support program
  • Peer induction program for information alignment and understanding of triggers for referral pathways.
  • On campus


  • As above
  • Stigma from peers
  • Heightened anxiety of the virus
  • Result – Anxiety, stress & fear

Sonder solution

  • Information Point of Truth – email, in-app messages, blog, social
  • A clear call to action
  • Referral Pathways – based on category
  • On-campus awareness campaign – aligned to messaging
  • Enhanced preventative measures in all locations
  • Quarantine


  • As per 2
  • Uncertainty of diagnosis
  • Mistrust of authorities
  • Result – Fear, compromised mental health

Sonder solution

  • 24/7, multilingual, on-demand access to support via mobile app and phone
  • Daily welfare calls to employees with COVID-19 diagnosis or symptoms
  • In-person ‘re-supply’ support for essentials
  • Alignment to medical led requirements for treatment
  • Clear escalation criteria and means, 24/7

Supporting students in country & overseas.
Isolated but not alone.

  • App

  • Support every minute of the day

    Dedicated technology that gives students on-demand access to support, advice or help every minute of the day. A single source of truth for up to date information around COVID-19.

  • Support Centre

  • Human help in an instant

    Immediate access to our support centre, staffed by people with specialist emergency response and mental first aid training. Outbound welfare check calls to students with COVID-19 diagnosis or in self-isolation.

  • Liaison Officers

  • By your side in minutes

    In-person responders with emergency services experience that can provide emotional support, escalation pathways to other support services and, in certain cases, “re-supply” support for essentials.

  • Supporting your students

Supporting your students

Supporting your students

  • In distress

    Psychological strain and in immediate need of help.

  • In harm’s way

    In danger of physical harm, natural disaster or in risky situations.

  • Out of your element

    Ambiguous situations where you simply don’t know what to do.

  • Out of reach

    In unfamiliar and less visible settings and places.


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