Trusted to care, ready to respond

Trusted to care, ready to respond

Isolated but not alone.

On-demand support & assistance for students & employees working from home, in self-isolation or quarantine.

In the months ahead, our resilience will be tested in ways not previously imagined.

People working and studying remotely will find themselves isolated and alone. Many will experience fear and anxiety and become increasingly disengaged.

Sonder can help with tailored and scalable programs of immediate support, assistance and advice for the duration of this COVID-19 emergency.

Support centre

For education providers

Education providers

The COVID-19 Student Support Program helps your students stay connected and supported – both in country and overseas.

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For enterprise employers

Enterprise employers

The COVID-19 Remote Working Support Program helps your employees stay connected and supported.

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Services for members

Discover how Sonder helps members pursue life with confidence, keeping them covered every minute of every day.

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